Posted: Mar 17, 2015 2:17 AM GST Updated: Mar 17, 2015 5:54 PM GST A man’s remarkable recovery from hyperbaric oxygen therapy

TUCSON – Ed Spohn was hit by a car in September, while riding his motorcycle to a doctor’s appointment.
«I thought ‘Is he going to stop?’ and before I could even finish my thought . . . I was hit,» said Spohn.

As Spohn describes it, as he was «bruised head to toe» after the accident. He was even at risk for losing his legs. However, after receiving care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Tucson Medical Center’s Wound Care Center, he was able to walk after a few months.

«He was walking and healed within basically two months. That could have easily been extended to four to six months,» said Dr. Michael Lavor, Spohn’s doctor and the TMC Wound Care medical director.

«[The oxygen therapy] substantially increases the oxygen of the tissue and also helps decrease the bacterial load. So with hyperbaric treatment in combination with wound care treatment . . the wounds are healed,» said Dr. Lavor.

While Spohn’s days of riding motorcycles are over, he is thankful that he is even alive today.

«I’ve got some freedoms back. I’ve [also] lost a few freedoms too. But it’s kind of a trade off . . . I’m here today, so that’s real fortunate for me,» said Spohn.



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